People don't tend to realise, as I've been wearing contact lenses since I was 12, I have the worst eyesight ever. I used to be so anti-glasses but now I'm like 'awh yeah, my eyesight is even worse, excuse for new glasses!!!!", especially since discovering the range Red Hot Sunglasses stock, which I ever-so-kindly acquired this Prada pair from. These glasses have literally been stuck to me since they arrived and I'm sure you can agree - the frame is swoon worthy. RHS fitted my prescription and they arrived to me within a week, so I couldn't fault the service either. 

As the glasses have silver hardwear I figured I'd follow through accessorising the whole look silver-y, studs on studs! I am obsessed with this bodysuit from PLT, such a nice fit and the stud details just give it that edge over my other black bodysuits. I also recently picked up this faux leather studded jacket from a Very event, and I couldn't believe the price when I checked up on it as it's such a great, good quality, jacket. 

I've been meaning to blog these PLT boots for quite some time too (available also here in other sizes), but I'm sure you've all seen these Dior-eque boots in at least one other colour by now, so here's the black pair! I can't wear them without getting compliments and questions on them! 

Boots: Pretty Little Thing (available in other sizes here)