Despite being questioned over my nationality at least three times this weekend (I guess I'm looking particularly non-English at the moment, I seem to have those phases...) I'm still not convinced I pull off this look as well as a hot Scandinavian would... Fanny Lyckman for example somehow makes any ambitious outfit look chic and good, emphasis on those sportswear/loungewear looks which on her look amazing, whereas I'd most likely look like I was having a crisis.

That being said, I'm fully pushing my luck with this loungewear/sportswear/scandinavians-do-it-better trend, as I'm sure you've realised from my previous posts lately, and as I said... Sundays are for loungewear. Despite being Wednesday now, I shot this look on Sunday after I'd slipped into this Quiz Clothing camo set after the gym for a more edgy, comfy look, layering up with this fluffy parker (stop right there, it's now £29.99 after being reduced from £64.99) for bracing the cold on an afternoon walk.

*Looks left at dog on boat for the whole shoot...*

These tones still speak to my heart after my recent khaki obsession, and the fact that these New Balance and the parker, which is also by Quiz, matched perfectly... well, there is no words for that kind of colour combination success!

I recently have been working with Quiz on a few things which I'm excited to share - a behind the scenes shoot in London, which will be coming soon to my blog with my favourite pieces from their new collection, and I also represented them for one of the days at LFW (which was a bloody nightmare as my fully charged Olympus PEN died with no warning... only me!!), but in the meantime this is a little taster as I've been loving their new items! And FYI, Quiz Clothing jeans for life.

Photos by: Charlie Price

*This post is in collaboration with Quiz Clothing but all opinions and scandinavian swooning are my own.