Now be prepared for the poser of poser-y posts, yes I'm wearing a skateboarding t-shirt and yes I'm at a skatepark but am I skating... uh, no... I forgot my trainers? No in all honesty, I haven't stepped on a skateboard since I was 17 and got too cocky, fell and landed straight on my back. That was the moment I decided to stick to snowboarding as snow hurts a lot less than concrete. However I can still appreciate the fashion, right?? 

 Top - Jacket - Shirt - Jeans - Boots - Bag - Sunglasses

It's been too long since I last featured a Missguided outfit, especially considering they're one of the brands which speak most for my style! This was originally an outfit I was just going to wear casually, but diva-like, to LFW, however I just wasn't feeling myself enough to stick it out this season. Regardless I'm ready to marry this outfit. 

The photos don't really show it, but the jacket is such a unique airtex material, adding an extra edge to an outfit. I think this will be perfect for spring and summer where leather/faux leather would be too hot.

Missguided currently have loads of cool, super cheap, band shirts and slogan tees at the moment, so I figured I'd share some of my favourites: