Fluffy heels, leather and camouflage... who'd have thought that could work? Girly fluff toughened up by the khaki and leather, for a 'yeah I like cute things but don't mess with me' look... which I think suits me down to a T!

The heels believe it or not, are currently only a tenner in the sale... £9.99 to be precise! 

As for everything else, aside the Givenchy bag and Celine sunniesMissguided has come up trumps yet again. These faux leather trousers were a slight mission to fit my bum into, but once that difficult task was over, they gave a great fit. Yep, another bodysuit, you caught me! However this one's neck details are just flirting out of the outfit, layered up with the shirt and camo jacket.

Photos by: Charlie Price