Boots with joggers? I wouldn't have thought it either... (Ok yes I did steal the idea from Hailey Baldwin, shoot me! Hey, if it's good enough for Bieber, it's good enough for me.) I wanted to go for a cute varsity vibe and felt these patent Dior-esque boots worked in a so wrong that they're right way with the suede bomber and jogger combination. I think I equally could have gone for trainers, but this look rubbed me up the right way that little bit more, as I always like to stand out if I can. It sort of made this all casual look, that tiny bit more dressy?

This bomber is my new favourite. Unlike many of my others it is an amazing, heavier weight, quality. Such a gorgeous piece and a nice nude item which I feel will become a capsule piece in my wardrobe. 

The boots I've been wearing since NYE, and as you can probably tell... I'm still not over them. 

Photos by: Charlie Price
Joggers: Boohoo