Looking good and feeling comfortable is key to how us ladies like to dress, especially when the dreaded bikini season comes around. I however got thrown in the deep end with a January holiday... uh, I thought I had at least another 5 months until this body had to be out?! Some of you may know, I do work out everyday for 1-2 hours, without fail (subtle boast, but in my defence I do it to keep sane...) ... rain or shine, dislocated toe or not (yes I dislocated a toe on Saturday night and the pain almost killed me!!) alas, that does not counteract the over-indulgent festive season, and drinking my bodyweight in Jaegermeister during the month of December. Thank god for Simply Beach and their forgiving and flattering swimwear options.

My number one tip to feeling good is finding a shape which flatters your figure and that YOU feel happy in. Aside from the occasional high-waist jobby, I've never been a fan of bikinis as I feel my body is too short, especially in comparison with my legs! I'd also say my lower stomach is my problem area, so I'd rather opt for having it spanx-ed in slyly by swimwear's merciful lycra abilities. Swimsuits are my ultimate go-to. There's nothing worse than getting on holiday and finding your swimwear is your enemy.

What I lack in boobs I do make up for in booty and legs that could jump squat until... well forever, alongside a small waist which quite frankly is out of proportion, but I've now learnt to dress for. If your figure is similar to mine, I've found high leg swimsuits to be far more flattering (think Pammy Anderson) with like I mentioned - high waist bikinis being key for my shape if opting for bikinis. I know to avoid triangle cupped bikini tops as I have nothing to fill them, and instead find a plunge balconette to be more flattering on my cleavage, removing the straps if possible to flatter my shoulders and emphasise my collarbones.  

I made a mistake with the black swimsuit... I was so obsessed with how it looked on GiGi Hadid that I took the risk, and I'm not sure it paid off. I feel like the cut wasn't amazing on me - the legs needed to cut higher, and it was a bit tight on my bum! The photos in this made me feel quite rubbish, but then shooting in this leopard-y number the next day made me feel so much better. Just shows a swimsuit can change your mood!

It's taken a few years and a changing body shape to determine these facts, but now I feel like I can shop for swimsuits and bikinis which I know will suit me and won't leave me feeling deflated on holiday. There's no better confidence than feeling comfortable in your skin, and simply picking swimwear for your figure can do wonders for it. 

*This post is in collaboration with Simply Beach but all opinions and booty pic posing are my own.