The other day JD Sports got in contact to see if I would like some items from their Converse collection. I'd never be somebody to turn down some Converse, I've worn them since my emo-12-year-old-self convinced my Nan to get me the black hightop pair for Christmas, which I wore proud with my sweatbands and skull rings.

I wasn't aware that they do more than just shoes, tees and jerseys though - turns out they do a full range of clothes now. I love having loungewear days, there's nothing you need more sometimes than a day to your self, comfy clothes, a hair mask and a good series on Netflix, so when I saw their tracksuit sets I figured they'd be perfect. Aside from the fact I love white converse in summer against tan legs! When the set arrived though, I was like 'hey, I actually really like these' and decided I'm perfectly happy rocking these for my comfy days of running errands/just looking effortlessly casual. I'm also thinking of customising the sweater by cutting it to a crop (I'm imagining it cropped with denim shorts in the summer), but I've currently just rolled it up a bit in these photos. I just really like the classic branding of Converse, likewise with Calvin Klein, I think it's just a timeless brand which will always look good, especially in the classic colours here, with a red lip.

When I can I'm trying to channel some positive energy and good messages to my posts, so I figured the angle of this one is 'It's ok, not to be ok' meaning, take a break, chill, recuperate and don't be hard on yourself when you are struggling, otherwise you will inevitably burn yourself out or upset yourself further. I know this at first hand, some days I do need to have a break - but instead of beating myself up about the fact I could be achieving more instead of having a 'break', or how I shouldn't be letting things bother me so much, I appreciate the time out and rest, and focus on the positives for when I get going again.

We all need breaks from time to time, or distancing ourselves from unpleasant situations, but some people are entitled to them if suffering with mental illness. I recently helped contribute to an article for HEXJAM/Mind on dealing with depression whilst at work, where depression experts and suffers share their advice for people struggling, whilst at work, and the break they're entitled to if they need it. Definitely worth a read if you, or somebody you know is going through something similar and may need some help or guidance.