If you're ever having a bit of a style crisis, or a last minute fashion melt down, never fear - simple monochrome looks are always there for you. Never is an outfit so effortless, but still manages to look stylish, than all black ensemble or one with a monochrome twist, finished off with the all important statement red lip.

As I mentioned before in my previous post in Quiz's gorgeous fishtail dress, my shoot with them was somewhat a bit of a disaster (if you call me being terribly ill and also having the clothes sent back up to Scotland a disaster...) so I was able to pick a few of my favourite items from their recent collection to style up how I wished in my own time, which I definitely prefer to do anyway! I'm a one look a day kinda girl normally, as like to change my hair and make-up up to suit my looks.

I'm a big fan of Quiz's jeans, the size 8 fits perfectly which is often hard to come by as normally the struggle is real with jeans, either being too tight on my legs or sizing up and then too loose on my waist! Quiz jeans just about have that right amount of stretch though, which is why I had to stock up in these in different colours/styles.

Likewise this top, I liked the white so much I needed the black too! I've shot the black with another look, so keep your eyes peeled for that too.

I haven't whipped out a OTK boot look in a while, so I felt that should be amended when I saw these drop onto site. Again such a simple look, bargain striped dress (robber chic) toughened up by another bomber (thankfully without the hideous bright orange lining which seems to haunt most of my bombers - I know traditional MA-1 jackets needed them for visibility in a crisis, but it's a crisis for me to pair them with anything with the glowing orange emitting from inside taunting me...).