Damn Charlotte, back at it again with the pink fluffy heels! If you've been around here for a while you'll know I was obsessed with fluffy heels last winter. I hadn't actually fuelled my fluffy shoe addiction this year, until I saw these and I couldn't resist... Normally I avoid heels, well stiletto heels - as you probably have noticed, I'm more of a trainer/boot kinda girl, but like some kind of fluffy miracle, these are comfy and I can actually walk in them!! I decided to use them to glam up a ripped jeans kinda outfit for a few drinks out with friends. During the daytime I swapped the heels for these trainers (my new favourites ever) and a leopard print coat instead (also a cute look with these jeans and bodysuit, if I do say so myself...).

I'm all about that bodysuit life, even if they are a bit of a pain when you're tipsy and needing the bathroom every 10 minutes, with the poppers defying you in a time of emergency! I'm loving these ones with this little neck detail ('little neck detail' definitely not being the technical term) and as you'll soon see, I have a few similar, neck-y, looks coming to the blog! Plus this rose colour is my current colour crush.

I'm always one for standing out, so when I saw these badboy jeans online I knew I could up my ripped-jeans-game. They're certainly a conversation starter, people can't help but comment on them every time I wear them, whether to compliment or ask if my thighs are cold, ha!

Warning: when sitting (well mine anyway) your thighs do try to explode out of the rips, as you can probably see by the photos... and the eyes of every person who walks by you seems to divert to your thighs...

Bodysuit - Jeans - Coat - Shoes - Sunglasses

Speaking of jeans and these new badboys, I recently read an infographic on jeans by Superdry which I actually found very interesting and agreed to share on my blog! Although untrue for me, as lets face it, I never like to be average in any sense, it was surprisingly accurate for all of my friends which I mentioned it to! 

I mean I fit the demographic in the sense that I hoard many jeans and only regularly wear a couple of them, however I lost count when I got to 26 pairs... so owning only 8 wasn't true for me! I'd be interested to hear how many jeans you own and regularly wear?! I think I'm just not a traditional buyer when I think of practicality and the amount of wear I'll get out of an item. I own many versions of similar mom or skinny ripped jeans and the unripped versions, all in variations of colours. Funnily enough at dinner yesterday I asked my friend... and she matched the stats of this infographic perfectly with her 8 pairs, with only 3-4 pairs she actually wore. Likewise my boyfriend fitted the male statistics perfectly with his 4 pairs. Looking at this has actually inspired me to have a long hard look at my jean collection, and mass of clothes in general, so keep an eye on my Depop as a clear out is long overdue!

Photos by: Charlie Price
Coat: Whistles (similar here)

*This post is in collaboration with Superdry, but all opinions and jean hoarding are my own.