Although today's arctic wind is testing me a little, I'm so much happier for the increase in sunshine and longer evenings that spring has brought to us! I always feel a lot more productive and happier person once spring sets in, and with more hours of daylight I feel I can achieve a lot more. Spring undeniably is late this year temperature wise (my Timehop likes to remind me that the past two years at this time of year, I was able to dress a lot more skimpy and even enjoy beach days!) but hey I can't complain because the mild winter meant very little icy days and very little risk of me skidding to my doom whilst driving my Vespa!

One of my favourite places in spring is the forest. There's hardly anywhere I can think of with the same fresh spring scents and there's nowhere so visually pleasing with the flowers beginning to bloom and the bare trees replaced with vibrant greens. I am a country bumpkin after all, so maybe it took some time away in the city to appreciate what I grew up surrounded by!

Now I've finished romanticising about the season and backdrop, onto this outfit... 

I've been busy trying to build a more capsule wardrobe, or at least a more versatile one that I can go back to, as I was in the habit of just getting lots of more quirky, on trend pieces and being stumped when trying to throw an outfit together in a hurry. Don't get me wrong, I still love a bit of diversity and standing out, but it is nice to be able to open your wardrobe and pair things together with ease. 

Since making the decision to get the Louis Vuitton Speedy 35, I've been collecting more browns and tans, such as this jacket and boots, which I'll easily be able to pair with the bag, with any outfits. I also love these bags paired with white in the summer, so I couldn't help but pick up this beautiful lace, high neck, dress, which quite frankly is the biggest steal for £25! Saying that, the boots were also in the sale for £22 and the jacket for £25... so bargains all around! 

Sunglasses: Givenchy via Red Hot Sunglasses