Boohoo recently got in contact to see if I wanted to be involved in their #SquadGoals campaign, offering to kit out some of my friends for the post! The thought of being behind a camera mortified the most of my friends, but Jenny stepped up to the challenge... a squad can be two people, right? I swear I do have more friends... ahem!

Jenny left her styling down to me (this is the girl who just shared the clothes in my suitcase for Mykonos and Santorini, damn she trusts my fashion!) so I went for something I knew would suit her and compliment my outfit. As it's festival season I decided for a bit of a toughened up festival look... I'm surprised people didn't mistake us for Tash Oakley and Devin Brugman! 

Denim jacket - Leather jacket - Playsuit - Skirt - Top - ChokerHat - Belt

•             Who are your squad members?
...Jenny Groves, squad-duos are where it's at ok!
•             Describe your style for summer
Girl next door after listening to her first punk album. I like cute and simple outfits but I always like to edge them up a little!
•             Who would be in your dream squad?
Both Jenny and I agreed that Katy Perry is our #1 gal and our squad would be complete with her. But we'd also always like to know the hottest clubs, so definitely Leonardo DiCaprio as he looks like he's pretty experienced in that field, club wise boo boo? Drake and Bieber would be welcomed with open arms. Khaleesi and her dragons, Chuck Bass, Kanye for the lols and most importantly a cute dog (maybe JiffPom so we could get instafame from him too). 
•             If you could dress as anyone for a day, who would it be?
Ooh tough one... I think every girl around my age would love to snoop around in Kylie Jenner's wardrobe, but that's a bit of a basic answer! Probably just the Olsen twins as they're timeless.
•             How has your style changed over the last few years?
It's definitely matured in the last year, I look back at my crazy ass outfits and colourful and think, WTF was I thinking?