This year marked my 9th consecutive year at Isle of Wight Festival, and I was more than honoured to be going with and representing Rocket Dog - a brand I've been wearing since before even my first festival! A skate-surfery shop local to me has always stocked the brand and there has never been a time when I haven't been lusting over their footwear once festival season came around!

Festival footwear has gotta be done right - it's got to look good (obviously), but it's also be comfy as the days are long and especially in my case, full of a lot of running around and dancing! The British weather can also be extremely unpredictable and inconsistent, so having footwear for all weather situations is key... nobody likes to have mud squelching between their toes when optimistically wearing flipflops!

I fully prepared shoe-wise on the line up to the festival this year - thankfully I've normally been lucky with the weather at my previous Isle of Wight Festivals - sandals have been worn! ...But I have also been years when it's become a mudbath and you're hella grateful for the invention of wellies. This year I played it safe, opting for all situations with a couple pair of sandals, a platform pair of plimsols incase I played my outfit casual, two pairs of boots (one tassel tan, one zipped black) and a pair of Rocket Dog's new wellie-like-trainer-boots. 

You really can't go wrong with boots at a festival, as they're suitable for the warmer of weather and also a bit of mud (and a bit of being trod on by drunks), so they were what I lived in for most of the weekend as you can see! I wore the wellies on the last day as it had rained through the night, but if I'm honest, unless examining them, they look more like a pair of boots too - definitely more fashionable than the classic green ensembles you see people sporting! I've shared the photos of the sandals I also picked just for reference for what could have been if I was in a nice exotic abroad festival - a classic black platform pair and these gorgeous crochet ones. I almost opted for the crochet ones on the sunnier Thursday/Friday, however when it came around to wearing them, I decided I couldn't face ruining them if it did get muddy and instead they'll be perfect for a holiday!

(All footwear featured by Rocket Dog)

Highlights of the weekend for me was taking my 15 year old little brother to his first proper festival (see us 'enjoying' the Jumping Frog ride in one of the photos), spending time bumping into old and new friends, drinking waaaaay too much J├Ągermeister (than really should be humanely possible), having serious nostalgia watching Busted, jumping my heart out to Faithless' Insomnia, of course seeing Queen in general and finishing the weekend with an old favourite of mine - Feeder! Big love to Rocket Dog for such a great weekend, and to the weather for mostly holding out!

*I attended Isle of Wight Festival in collaboration with Rocket Dog, but all opinions, my bad dancing along to Busted, and my love for good festival footwear, are my own.