Before my hiatus due to my relaunch, you may have remembered me talking about trying out Results With Lucy (see the post here). I did one of the more advanced 'Beach Body+' 4 week programs on the lead up to my Maldives trip as I was in a severe body-positivity-slump at the time (haha, Charlotte... c'mon, what's new?!?!), and then I stuck to it as best as I could, without letting it overtake my trip, whilst on holiday. (Those mojitos and tasty pasta were just too good to say no to...)

I figured, as I'm just about to try out one of their new HIIT programs, it was time I shared my original results and what I thought of it all! These photos were taken 3-4 weeks apart, and as you can see, it definitely helped my definition come back to me! Size wise, I think I'm always going to be more or less an 8 on top/waist and 10 legs and bum now, because of my athletic physique, body structure and height, but I finally think I've come to terms with that now and not about looking like an Olsen twin, which I'm not genetically blessed to look like, through unattainable ways which damage my mind and body.



As somebody who is quite conscientious about diet already and combined with the fact I exercise everyday regardless, I wasn't expecting groundbreaking results... however I was happily surprised when my abs began to show again and I started feeling more confident in myself. I think it's the fact I saw the experience a challenge, and it made it much easier to stay on track with a structure to follow.

It's basically a diet plan, which I substituted for veggie options, and workout videos you follow, allowing you to check in everyday and have the planned rest days. As I mentioned, I continued my regular fitness classes too, and I also began running more as the weather began to brighten. 

I just think these programs are so versatile - each designed for all different fitness types, experiences, situations and results, plus they literally give you no excuse to fall off of track as you follow it step by step along the way. The workouts can all be done at home, and the meals nor program itself, don't break the bank! If you're a student (or are sneaky and steal somebody's UNIDAYS, I mean, huh, what, who does that??) you also get 25% off, which is great as I know a lot of people struggle with health and fitness when transitioning to uni life!

There's an option onsite to try a 3 day plan to see if you like it, and a money back guarantee on a lot of the programs... so if you are looking to have a kickstart into a new diet and fitness regime, what's stopping you?

I think I'm going to have this weekend as normal (that doesn't mean I won't be fitting in 3 spin classes and a run!), and then start my HIIT program on Monday. New week, new month - perfect time for a new start! Let me know if any of you start your programs then too, and make sure you add me on snapchat: charlottefisher, so you can see my sweaty selfies along the way haha!

Clothing-wise, who doesn't need a bit of orange to brighten up there fitness in the summer?! As I've been doing a lot more running outside again, I figured my all black/grey ensemble wasn't the wisest for visibility on evening runs, so I raided Get The Label (my favourites for affordable gymwear) for some brighter editions and came up with this Adidas look. I also realised I was in dire need of a new gym bag, and as the OCD freak I am, I decided this one matched perfectly... I even went out to get a specific coral lipstick to match this workout look... yes, I'm that OTT.

Get The Label

The trainers have been great for my running, spin classes, gym classes and usual work outs, and all in all, I feel a converted girl to coloured gym wear! No doubt in the Adidas store, this would have cost a goddamn bomb - but godbless you Get The Label for always pulling though with these cheeky discounts, and besides who can even tell, or for that matter... even cares, if it's last seasons gym wear?!!