Warning: post may contain a lot of turquoise.

First of all, everything you have heard about this place is probably true - I'm going to be perfectly blunt with you, The Maldives is the place dreams are made of. Face it, all you have to say is the word Maldives and suddenly you can visualise turquoise waters, white sandy beaches, palm trees and those trademark water bungalows... and let me tell you, the reality just does not disappoint one bit.

I am not lying when I say at some points I was certain my eyes were deceiving me because I was convinced I was stuck in some kind of Pinterest realm of holy-jesus-does-a-place-like-this-honestly-exist-in-real-life?

Before I even arrived my expectations of this place were extremely high, I mean c'mon, it's The Maldives right...??! But somehow my expectations were exceeded beyond even my google image stalking leading up to the trip... Google The Maldives, and then imagine that being better in reality, because that's what happened.

Two weeks anywhere is usually enough to make me miss home comforts and make me a little less reluctant to go home, however here... well let's just say I'm not exaggerating by saying I had a little (ok full blown breakdown) cry the night before leaving. *I'm an emotional wreck as I type this and remember when life was so good.

The whole experience was beyond beautiful, the people were beaming with positivity and friendliness, the food was amazing, the weather was between 31 and 35 degrees every single day and the water was warm and filled with the most incredible corals and sea life... you get what I'm saying right?? I will be very surprised if I'm ever able to visit somewhere I grow to appreciate more than my time on this trip. To top everything else off, I visited during rainy season, and did not get one day of rain - Maldives, c'mon don't be like that... it's not like the rain could have even slightly tainted my opinion of you anyway.

Our first week we were kindly invited to stay by Club Med, Kani (Kanifinolhu Island) - I can hashtag #lifegoalcompleted right?

Club Med is actually a chain of 'experiences' all around the world, rather than your regular holiday resort, they go that extra mile to create your stay very much catered to the location. I saw this for myself whilst there by visiting their Maldivian resorts Kani and Finolhu. Despite only being an island or two apart, they catered for a very different stay and experience.

We stayed in one of those holy grail 5* lagoon suites and I was in my element. We had our own wristband to be allowed at that area of the island and it was complete with a champagne lounge and basically everything our hearts desired if I'm quite honest.