Before I start, apologies again about the shoddy backdrop... girl gotta work with what's around her, you know?

(If you need me I'm busy crying into my keyboard about missing my photogenic lagoon suite and water so turquoise I thought my eyes were lying to me.)

Another of my Maldives looks, and by looks I mean a super simple swimwear ensemble to mainly frolic around and pose in, as apposed to swim in. Swimming costume I can confirm swim friendly (you'd be surprised how many which aren't these days - not that I found this out the hard way this holiday with saggy crotches or anything...), but not so much shirt tied around waist, if you see where I'm coming from. 

That being said, I saw stranger photo-shoots on this island... I'm talking wedding dresses and tutus in the water, with unicorn inflatables. For once I didn't appear the most vain on holiday, and I actually felt like I was taking less photos than the guests around me! 

As usual, Missguided's swimwear this year is killing it, and was the majority of what I wore whilst away. They always got my back

I wouldn't have normally paired these two colours together, tan and Barbie pink, but hey - I guess I found a new favourite colour combo!

Shirt - Missguided
Swimsuit - Missguided