This dress has to be the bargain, £12, find of a century. I wasn't overly sold by the yellow, but safe to say the white and black deserved a place in my wardrobe.

(Don't ask me why some of these poses look like they're from an awkward 80s catalogue shoot...)

Ah, so the white skater dress ... such a classic summer staple. It seemed to go down well on me as I actually couldn't have received more compliments on this dress, whilst I proclaimed to the compliment-ers 'TWELVE, yes TWELVE pounds!'. I also felt like it gave me an illusion of a fuller chest... so you basically get a mini boob job for those twelve pounds too. Are you sold yet? 

White is easy to style with more or less anything, but I was feeling a tan vibe this day, combining these velvet-y boots and cord bomber for a bit of a boho vibe. FYI, white is also a bad idea if venturing into a bar/club, as said white dress ended up in a bar that night and came out covered in wine/numerous other liquids and lipsticks...

Dress - Boohoo
Bomber - Boohoo
Sunglasses - Ray Ban