The other day I spiced things up a little bit with a sporty-meets-casual aesthetic for a wander around Freshwater Bay, a favourite of mine (and home of the famous 'The Needles') on the Isle of Wight where I grew up.

I spend all of my time wanderlusting about travelling to new locations all around the world, and sometimes I forget I have some of the county's most incredible Areas Of Outstanding Natural Beauty, right here on my doorstep. Boohoo recently got in touch to ask me to write about 'my city', but I'm no city girl... I'm an islander, so here's my take on that! I may have grown up without a Primark, Asda, Starbucks (thankfully there is one now), River Island - just to name a few, but I did grow up surrounded by beaches and incredible countrysides... which had it's perks even when the last bus out of my village was 6pm (explaining me becoming a Vespa girl at the age of 16 to maintain a social life!). I may have grown up without gigs and nightclubs, but I did get to have two majors festivals every summer - The Isle of Wight Festival and Bestival. Sometimes getting a 20 minute boat or 50 minute car ferry is a pain in the ass when getting places, or having to go up a night before in certain situations as the boats and trains don't run at convenient enough times, but there's nothing like coming back here and just disconnecting from the stresses of London etc. and taking in the simple living and countryside.

Dungaree dress: Boohoo
Boots: EGO Shoes