These festivals now seem a lifetime ago and the blur of busyness August/September was, but as I'm currently in Palm Springs and toying with the idea of Coachella in 2017 (Palm Springs has well and truly stolen my heart, but I shall do a full post on that!)... I thought I'd share these photos I have left over on my Macbook from V Festival and Bestival!

This summer kicked off with The Isle of Wight Festival (my 9th consecutive year!) with Rocket Dog and LoveBox with Rare Clothing... I already had Bestival (yes we're spoiled for festivals on the Isle of Wight!) planned for September but I felt like August had a festival-void to fill, so I ended up at V Festival! How could I deny myself of Bieber and Rihanna in one weekend, right?! 

I went to V Festival last year - and other than Reading Festival at the age of 16 when I tried 'glamping' (eurgh, never again!!!) it was my first ever weekend-off-island Festival where I couldn't just pop home to sleep like I can with Bestival and The IOW Festival. I wasn't going to make that glamping mistake again as FYI camping sucks whether or not you have a private campsite or not, so I opted for a hotel. I'm a bit of a festival diva, I've had it too good on the Isle of Wight being able to pop home after I'm done, tired and in need of food, shower and a comfy bed, so I knew rather than attempt camping ever again (so over it) I'd need a hotel in Chelmsford like last year! 

Thankfully (and very gratefully at so last minute) Premier Inn put me up for the weekend and I just think having a comfy and clean base, not to mention veggie breakfasts, made those hangovers just that bit easier to wake up in! Premier Inn was exactly what we needed and was easily accessible to the festival site, so if you are considering V Festival next year - I'd book early as hotels in Chelmsford get booked up fast!

From what I've seen festival fashion is pretty relaxed at V Festival, but it definitely wins the festival for the best tans, hair and designer bags I'd say... speaking from experience of the Essex site that is! I don't feel the whole bohemian festival look would go down amazingly there amongst all of the glam, but each to their own - I just went for a slightly festival-ed up denim, studs and checked shirt look, sporting a Purpose Tour tee and a casual, layered up for the rain, look the day before.

Bestival fashion is a whooooole other ballgame and it part of the whole Bestival experience. Again I may be biased as an islander however this is my favourite festival, and I should know - I've been every year since I was 14! Anything really goes here (within reason) and it's usually considered a smaller Glastonbury. Each year there is a fancy dress theme and most people participate - some taking it really seriously for the parade, and some like me who dress up for a bit of fun! This years theme was 'The Future', so for me that meant a lot of sequins.

I did a couple footwear takeovers the weekend of Bestival, one being Ego Shoes which provided the ideal shoes for my dress up days (I've been waiting for an excuse to wear over the knee pink boots for a long time!!) and for the Sunday, after the site had become a bit of a soggy mess, Sorel provided me with the comfiest festival boots to keep my feet dry! From experience from previous years, weather is usually a heatwave for Bestival, but this year it was unfortunately a bit hit and miss... another reason I'm glad I didn't have to camp! I can't complain much though, the rain was during the mornings and the afternoons and evenings were bright and dry!

Even if you miss the whole line up (which is usually bloody iconic - think The Cure, Sigor Ross, Stevie Wonder, Elton John, Fatboy Slim and so on... so I wouldn't suggest missing it) you still will have an amazing weekend as there's so much going on, even into the early hours. For example this year Bestival had 'The World's Biggest Bouncy Castle'... like, what?? Each year you discover something new, and there's nothing better than wandering into the Ambient Forest to see what they have going on and what interesting characters you'll meet along the way! Plus I know foodies out there really rate the food stalls at Bestival - if you want to find me at dinner time, I'll be at The Vegetarian And Vegan tent ordering a soya burger (creature of habit).

I was a tiny bit skeptical with picking heeled boots for a festival, especially in the mud, however Sorel proved me wrong! Hands down the most comfy shoes I've ever worn to a festival, heel or no heel, plus they didn't need to be broken in - instant comfort!, when does festival season start again?!

*This is a collaborative brand post, but all views and opinions are my own!