I know, I know... my British readers are like 'stop with the warm weather outfits Charlotte, it's 10 bloody degrees outside!!!!' however I'm afraid I've got 2 months of trips to warmer climates to catch up on first! I promise as of November I'll be bombarding you with autumn/winter outfits.

In the meantime here's a casual Los Angeles outfit I wore - wearing these trainers to death on my trip!

Anyway, strictly speaking... this is a sweater dress by Pretty Lavish at SilkFred, so swap the trainers for some over the knee boots and a jacket, and you're still good to go! My boyfriend also stole this to wear for himself on our roadtrip after I convinced him pink was cool for guys, which for him at 6'4, made it into a t-shirt. What a universal piece for seasons and genders haha!

I've mentioned my love of SilkFred before, and I'll mention it again, because I'm just so obsessed with so many great and independent brands all under one place. It certainly is my go-to place for higher quality items, which often are just that bit more special and you're less likely to walk into town and see somebody wearing the same thing. 

I think these trainers were the next fastest selling trainers since Yeezy's and every girl and their mum have asked me where I got them! Sadly I think they are sold out most places now and the resale for over £300 is ridiculous, but I managed to get mine from JD Sport - so keep checking on there as I know they have a wide array of the NMDs!

Accessories wise I went for these Fendi sunglasses from Red Hot Sunglasses, my black Antigona bag and this silver Daisy Dixon watch. 

Sweater dress - via SilkFred
Jacket - Rare London
Bag - Givenchy
Sunglasses - Fendi
Watch - Daisy Dixon

*This is a collaborative brand post, but all views and opinions are my own!