As much as I moan about the colder months, it's undeniable that autumn is pretty damn... pretty - exhibit A) being this yellow-brick-road of leaves which made for the perfect backdrop, when in reality most of the year it's just the park behind my gym and I wouldn't normally dream of shooting here before the leaves graced it's presence. 

My blog will probably begin to show my reignited love for fishnets again this winter, which sort of make weather inappropriate items, like these vintage Levi shorts, slightly more appropriate? Nevertheless, I can brace the cold either way now when armed with this new teddy coat from Lavish Alice, which happens to compliment the colour of my Celine mini luggage just perfectly, which I usually find hard as I find it's a camel which tends to clash! 

Now a moment for the boots, also Lavish Alice, who surely have upped their game this winter???? LOOK. AT. THEM!!! 

Bodysuit - Missguided
Coat - Lavish Alice
Shorts - Vintage Levis
Boots - Lavish Alice
Bag - Celine