Ok so after seeing Rihanna rock these on her tour, I was like, damn... so wrong, but so right, imma be needing me a pair of those! And after getting a pair, ok not quite Manolo Blahnik... but the next best thing thanks to Public Desire, I now realise imma now be needing these in all of the colours! I'm a tiny bit tall for them at 5'8/this girl just got long legs, but I think they still look pretty damn good.

C'mon, most of us have been led over to the distressed and oversized side thanks to Kanye/Yeezy, and I'll admit I'm no exception. Something about buying premium clothes already with holes in didn't sit too right with me, to fork out for Yeezy... however these Cats Got The Cream versions are a good compromise!

Leggings - Nike
Boots - Public Desire
Bag - Givenchy