Here's a look I shot the other day... now, I know it's a bit OTT for some people's tastes, but I also know some of you have been around here for a while and know I like to make a bit of a statement from time to time... This statement apparently being a lot of toughened up pink.

Firstly, let's take a moment to appreciate these gorgeous rose Fendi sunglasses from Red Hot Sunglasses... I can't believe I was a complete person before I owned these?! I feel like these are such a good pair of winter sunnies and they have been attached to my head this month!

Secondly let me apologise for the state of my hair - it was so bloody windy I knew an up-doo-had-to-do, but the wind even decided it was powerful enough to mess up a messy fishtail too! 

When I set my eyes on this jacket I knew it was a match made in heaven, likewise I think I need the more subtle camel version too... and the jeans, well... how could I not have a bit of fun with those eh?!

Potentially an outfit I will look back on and think 'what the heck was I thinking??', but as they say... yolo!

Top - Missguided
Jacket - Missguided
Jeans - Missguided
Boots - Balenciaga
Bag - Celine