Now it may just be because I'm one of the most clothes obsessed people out there, but I literally can't find any other better motivation to hit the gym, than new gym clothes! 

December is the time of year when it becomes a little easier to fall of the fitness wagon, and quite rightly so - enjoy your time off over the festive period, and treat yourself foodwise... but my best tip is, don't go into self sabotage for the entire month, as it'll be much harder to sweat out when January comes around the corner! By all means treat yourself, but don't just think 'ah man, I'm going to eat badly at Christmas anyway' and eat everything in sight from the moment you open up that chocolate advent on day 1... or decide you can forget about the gym as you already have your intense January routine planned, and technically thinking about working out, counts as working out... right? Umm, not quite! If you are eating/drinking more extravagantly, make sure you're still busting those workouts, and if you don't fancy the gym, keep an eye on those portions of yorkshire puds 'n xmas cake! 

A whole month can do a lot of damage, but a week - not so much, so here's a little tip here from me - don't undo your current progress with that mentality, as I know myself how easy it is to think 'ah, one more cheat day won't hurt...' and next thing I know, I'm a month deep in Dominos... haha!!

Plus if you do struggle with any mental health issues, like myself, December is one of the toughest months, and personally nothing makes me feel better than exercise!

As I mentioned, new gym clobber is my favourite gym motivation, and what better way to get into the gym-ing spirit this Christmas, than glittery gymwear?! I am obsessed with this lot from the Nike Fitness range at JD Sports and from what I've seen from the response of the ladies at my gym, they seem to be too! It also makes for a chic gym outfit to run errands in during the day, so it is a win win for me!

Sports bra - Nike via JD Sports
Leggings - Nike via JD Sports
Trainers - Nike via JD Sports
Jacket - Dorothy Perkins