I'm normally a nightmare for shooting an outfit and forgetting to upload the photos, so as I was looking over these photos from earlier today, I thought 'goddammit Charlotte, get 'em up!' ...so here they are.

I threw this on for a comfy-yet-chic look to track down some final bits before I move into my new apartment tomorrow (finally!!!), so be expecting a new homewear section to my blog, that's all I'm saying! (I love how I have copper utensils, a copper lamp & copper toilet brush... but am yet to have a bed... #priorities!)

Now this is supposed to be a jumper dress, likewise the boots thigh highs, but where I'm a giant, neither quite worked... as the Ego boots sit just above my knees, I prefer to wear them a little more slouchy and lower, and with the jumper dress, I think it's safe to say I'll be needing leggings with it if I want to keep my modesty!

The scarf and distressed jumper dress combo are from Miss Pap and I've been really happy with my first few orders from them. They've given my readers a discount code, so feel free to use 'CHARLOTTEF10' to get those cheeky £ off!

Jumper dress - Miss Pap (discount with: CHARLOTTEF10)
Scarf - Miss Pap (discount with: CHARLOTTEF10)
Boots - EGO
Bag - Givenchy