It's finally upon us... January 2nd, the day the diet starts as you're hungover AF on the 1st so you have to allow that - who has enough will power to start a diet on a National Hangover Day?

As you may have seen, I spent Christmas in the Bahamas, and although I got a few work outs in, I also drank enough mojitos to last a lifetime and ate myself into oblivion, so much so, I almost began to morph into one of the pigs I'd swam with out there... I always feel like if you've grown up fairly poor like me, if you're all inclusive, it becomes some personal challenge to eat and drink as much as humanely possible, just to take advantage of the all inclusiveness... so that's what I did.

These photos were taken prior trip (although I took this set with me as you can see here) and all I can say is, these contouring colours are going to be a godsend when I hit the gym again tomorrow after the damage I've done!! (Haha joking, don't be too hard on yourselves guys, a week or so of being naughty shouldn't be too detrimental in the long run!) I've been slack for me over the past couple weeks, to say the least, but after emptying the flat of remaining junk food this evening, I'm ready to lean down and hit some new targets now in 2017!

As I've tortured myself with hideous regimes before, I'm always a bit apprehensive with the term 'diet' as I do always think it's better to be a lifestyle change, rather than the dreaded d word which seems a little more soul destroying, so that's what it's going to be for me! More so just a bit more of a kick up the bum to get back on track, than a drastic change.

I feel like this past year I've come to terms with fitness a lot more, and it's no longer a 'get skinny or else' motive, and I hope to continue to improve my strength these next months - particularly my hanging body exercises - to be able to complete a set of wide pull ups would be amazing by the end of the year and is a goal for me!

I've got MyFitnessPal on standby for tomorrow, just so I can keep an eye on calories now a little more, seeing as I want to push results after plateauing a bit, and basically I just want to begin to feel a little more like me again after overindulging a little bit too much over the past couple weeks. I always end up running a lot more once the spring sets in too, so I might aim to get a bit of extra running in whilst it's still winter for an additional challenge! 

I'm normally a creature of habit when it comes to gymwear and I never normally venture out of my Nike and Adidas comfort zones, but after my little brother (equally gym obsessed) introduced me to Gymshark, they've been a real gymwear game changer for me! I can't rate their fitness wear enough, so I couldn't be happier to be collaborating with them on some fitness bits this year. This set I've gone for mixing up the berry items, pairing with these Nikes, which I think compliments the look perfectly. 

My #1 gym motivation ever has got to be new gym clothes, so if you are looking for some new clobber to hit the gym with this month, I can't recommend Gymshark enough. Not sponsored, just a legit fangirl.

Sports bra - Gymshark
Vest - Gymshark
Leggings - Gymshark