The main thing I love about the Gucci Dionysus, is that despite it being neutral nude colours, which match a lot of classic outfits, it also has that edginess factor to it: and you know what they say guys, find a guy (*bag) who can do both!

After loving the khaki versions of these Rihanna-y dupe boots, I said I would not rest until I had the other colours, which I am admittedly a tiny bit tall for... I'm working that belt on my hips rather than waist though haha, so yes - here is the black pair!
I just sort of threw this outfit together and hoped for the best, then was like, damn Imma need to be photographing this, so here it is, with a bunch of light-flares thrown in for good measure.

Tshirt - Boohoo
Jacket - Boohoo
Boots - Public Desire
Skirt - Boohoo
Bag - Gucci
Sunglasses - Celine