Growing up on the Isle of Wight has meant for the past decade I've attended both of the island's festivals each and every year (*please don't mention the Bestival leaving this year, I'm still not over it...), because be there or be square, basically. There is no true fomo like living on an island where a festival is going on and you not being there - it is over your Facebook feeds, the towns are full of people can-in-hand and the chances are you can hear it from your window. That being said, these two festivals alone presented the fact festivals can have completely different vibes when it comes to fashion choices, and life choices for that matter...

There is no denying I've learnt Bestival is an abundance of glitter and all things crazy, and it definitely isn't uncommon to bump into somebody who hasn't slept in two days with sunglasses being a permanent fixture... whereas although sequins may pass at Isle of Wight festival, I have most certainly learnt it has as a more casual-middle-ground-mix of a vibe, likewise a few other British festivals who play it cool. You do have your crazy festival fashion for your crazy, off of the grid, Glastonburys, your Bestivals and more recently your Secret Garden Party and Boomtowns, and I have to admit I love the escapism in being able to dress in head to toe sequins and being able to smother yourself in glitter and having 'glitter tits' without anybody batting an eyelid, but turn up in a neon Borat thong with a glitter beard to a festival unaccustomed to all of that jazz, and you may pose the risk of drawing more attention to yourself than you even could imagine that getup would get you!

Amongst the other festivals I've attended are Reading (think band tees, checked shirts, boots and denim shorts), Field Day (think dressing like you don't give a fuck, but you really do - or just think Urban Outfitters mannequin), Lovebox (it appears the open bar got me this day and meddled with my memory, but I believe this was quite a middle ground of festival fashion likewise with IOW Festival), V Festival (I speak for attending the Essex one a couple of times, but definitely was the festival I've seen the most designer handbags, and club-worthy, glam, looks) and most recently, Wireless (which inspired this post and was mainly just full of 'roadmen', equipped with Adidas - or if they were lucky, Gucci/Prada, side bags, and other than that, hands down the most casual 'London' dressed festival I have ever been to!).

For Wireless I was taking over for Pretty Little Thing's socials and the items which I had picked either didn't fit properly, suit me, or weren't suitable for the 35 degree heatwave London was experiencing. I'd just gone to Ibiza and had sequins on the mind so had planned to 100% go all out on the Gypsy Shrine face jewels and a full on sequin jumpsuit ensemble, however it was so hot all of the gems melted off of me (gross, I KNOW) and the jumpsuit was undoubtably too warm to wear if I wanted to survive the day and actually see my boy Chance. This was a blessing in disguise though however, because although I was forced to go a lot more casual than I had liked, when I turned up I don't think I saw a single other person in sequins (think more outfits for popping to the shops and to meet fellow roadmen) and I realised I would have stuck out like a sore thumb and felt hideously stupid and self conscious, so although disappointed at first, it appeared to be a blessing in disguise!

This had my thinking and I realised each festival, aside from a few middle-ground exceptions, really does have it's own cliché stereotype when it comes to style and personalities, (and drug preferences for that matter...) mainly I suppose down to the general demographic the lineup attracts. For example, it's unlikely you'd be off to Download in Ugg boots and a Hollister hoodie (ok it's 2017, probably an outdated example, but you get me?!) but you can imagine some pink, pastel in general or blue hair, band tees, leather jackets, flannel shirts and big 'ole boots, no? Somebody I know hit the London Lovebox V Wireless vibe on the head, Lovebox is your Ibiza girl vibes, whilst with Wireless think Nottinghill Carnival!

Don't get me wrong, you can wear whatever the hell you like to a festival, but there definitely is a trend of acceptable fashion at festivals alone and in particular each one, so I thought I'd accompany three different past festival themed looks of mine to this post to display that - each look festival-friendly, but totally different!

*This post is in collaboration with Pretty Little Thing, but all opinions, and love for sequins, are my own.