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A 20-something blonde, obsessed with coordination, cats and catching flights.

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Things I do, Think and Buy is my own personal blog, and all opinions and views expressed here are my own (Charlotte Fisher). The majority of outfits I wear, unless stated otherwise, are usually through collaborations with brands. I only ever accept clothing, or other items, which I would have otherwise bought myself, as I want to keep an honest representation and relationship with my readers. I will always identify if a post is sponsored by a brand, but even still, all sponsored posts will contain items chosen by me and true to my own personal style. I am also not the type of person to request or accept items with the incentive to show once, and to then sell on immediately for profit.

When reviewing products, I want my readers to know I am a reliable and trustworthy source, and I could never be paid or incentivised to influence my own opinion. Because of this, there could be items I choose not to feature entirely, as I would rather not write about a product at all, than offend or insult anybody. If I have chosen to feature an item, it will be because I think it is of interest of my readers, and I will be happy to outline the positives, and negatives, if any.

I always want my blog to be authentic, so the chances are I will not accept guest posts, but if I do it is because they are relevant to me, and to my audience - again, without other incentive.

After I made the decision to leave my job, to focus more on blogging, I now look at my blog as my job. Because of this I do accept sponsored posts, sponsored events/modelling, and utilise a number of affiliate commission services such as rewardStyle and Affiliate Window. Affiliate services are used to earn me a very small commission on purchases generated through my links, it does not affect you, the buyer at all. This is very common among bloggers, although it is not always made clear. I hope you can appreciate that a lot of time and effort goes into maintaining my blog, and understand why I have added the feature of affiliates.

Oh blimey, that all got pretty formal and serious and business-y didn't it? Here's a bunny eating a banana to make up for it: